Volunteer Opportunities

Prescott Area Shelter Services is run by the people it serves.  Guests eat their evening meal together as a community and always have cleanup chores that are done at night and before they leave in the morning.   Our dedicated volunteers:

  • Support guests in taking care of their "home"
  • Provide guidance, instruction and problem solving
  • Demonstrate nurturing and supportive attitudes

Volunteers come from our local community and serve in many roles:

  • Evening Advocates provide guest support from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, seven days a week.
  • Meal Providers deliver healthy home-cooked evening meals seven days a week.
  • Morning Office Volunteers assist in answering the telephone and accepting donations at the door.
  • Overnight Advocates provide guest support from 8pm-8am.

It is because of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers that PASS is able to keep our doors open.  We hope that you will consider joining us in our Mission!

For more detailed information on ways you can help, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 928-778-5933.

"What a Difference a
Volunteer Makes"

Stats for the 2020 Year

The value of a volunteer, according to the independent sector is $27.20

Evening Advocate: 7 nights a week, one volunteer a night, three hours each night= 1095 hours a year, valued at $29,784. Endless support for PASS guests=Priceless

Meal Providers: 7 nights a week, 2-5 hours per meals: 730-1825 hours a year, valued at $19,856 - $49,640. A full stomach of delicious and nutritious food=Priceless

Office Hours: 5 mornings a week, 3 hours each morning=780 hours, valued at $1,414,40. Having a consistent presence in the community=Priceless

Overnight Advocate: 6 hours a night= 2190 hours a year, valued at $59,568. Having someone at the shelter in case of an emergency=Priceless.

Volunteer Testimonials

My name is Ann. I have been an advocate with PASS now for 3.5 years working one evening each week with our guests. My goal during this three hour period each week is to provide a safe, non threatening, and nurturing environment so our guests will feel at home in their temporary “home away from home”. I enjoy sharing dinner with them, am there to listen if they choose to share their experiences and challenges, or simply be available to answer questions or provide them with their basic needs (shampoo, toothpaste, some OTC medications, etc.). I am also there to see each guest completes her assigned chore to keep the shelter clean and inviting. In case of emergency with the guest or the shelter, I am there to assess the situation and take whatever action is needed. I know a supportive and knowledgeable staff member is only a phone call away.

I greatly admire our staff members and am amazed at their concern and dedication while providing personalized supportive direction to each guest. Now that we have a resident property monitor, the dorm, community room, kitchen, flower and vegetable garden, and patio area look especially nice. I have never volunteered at another women’s shelter but know I could feel comfortable here as a guest. Volunteering at PASS has been a special blessing for me too!

Ann Shelter Volunteer

The shelter offers the guests a stable, loving and supportive community. The staff are very compassionate and do whatever is necessary to assist the guests with their needs. When a guest arrives for the first time within minutes the ladies are taking her under their wing and helping her to feel at home. The ladies console each other in times of need, they share employment opportunities with each other, they support each other, they are family.

Shelter Volunteer