Wheels to Work

The need for transportation in our community is great. According to information provided by the Yavapai Regional Transit Authority, all buses, including those within Prescott, suspend service at 5pm, just at the point in the day when the sun is setting. In addition, service between Prescott and Prescott Valley is provided on a very limited basis. Without cab vouchers, guests cannot seek or sustain employment opportunities, thereby increasing their length of stay in the shelter.

The most critical part of this project is provision of bus passes and taxi vouchers. It not only enhances the chance of success, it is a safety issue. Many jobs secured by guests are shift-work, causing them to leave work after dark, often in inclement weather. Although tired from a long day's work, without transportation, they are forced to walk back to the shelter, putting them at risk of victimization. Through this project, each guest receives needed bus, cab or gas vouchers, assisting them on their path to self sufficiency.