From Our Guests

My children and I were displaced for 18 months due to domestic violence in my home. It was the most devastating moment of my life being forced to leave my home to keep my children safe. I moved 5 times during that 18 month period and was very fortunate to be offered a home through the Violence Against Women Act.  Starting all over again with nothing has been very difficult for my family. PASS was there to help with no questions asked. They paid the deposit and my first month’s rent and alleviated a ton of stress for me. They were gracious and loving and for the first time in my life, didn’t make me feel the pain of asking for help. I’m forever grateful for their generosity.

Alyson Guest Story

PASS is a God sent! They helped me in every way possible, just when I needed it the most. They taught me how to get better employment, they gave me the motivation to advocate for myself and more. PASS has exactly what people need when they are down and need to get back on their feet. PASS offered encouragement, have an uplifting and positive environment, and I am grateful they were around to help me! Thank you to everyone who supports PASS.

Victoria Guest Story

Thank you for allowing me to be a guest these past 48 days. I had to relocate to Prescott from Flagstaff; trying to live with a fixed income had become very frustrating for me. I had called all of the shelters I could find in the area, but they were all full. However, PASS had the space to get me in and I was so grateful. At PASS I have met amazing staff whose concern for the guests and the support they give to help everyone reach their goals has made me more accountable. The weekly meetings help me stay focused.

Everything Prescott Area Shelter Services is about is true, to help women and women with children get back to health, self-worth, and back to life. As quoted by FDR “There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” PASS has amazing programs and a processing system for those who still take the initiative.

I now have a new place to live, if PASS’s door had not been open to me, I would have been living in my car. I appreciate and I am very grateful for every minute at PASS. Thank you for a safe place to eat, sleep, heal and work on my goals.

Guest in Bed #10 Guest Story

The first time I came to PASS it was 2010, I didn't want to go to a shelter but I had no other place to go. Carmen completed my intake and she was the kindest lady I had ever met. All I could do for two days was cry, and Carmen was so patient and kind and made me feel like I belonged somewhere and that I was not alone. I returned a couple of years later needing a place to stay, and knowing some of the staff who were still at the shelter I felt comfortable. While staying at the shelter, I had to have surgery and they were kind enough to hold my bed for me while  I was gone. After moving out of the shelter and getting my own place, I wanted to do something special for PASS and so I became a volunteer. I absolutely love working with the guests at the shelter.

Andrea Guest Story

Hello, my name is Monica and I am 18 years old. My homeless story begins when I was 17 years old. My mom kicked me out, and thankfully I was able to stay with my uncle and his family who supported me, but that was temporary. After that I was able to stay with my sister for a while, and then my other sister. However due to lease restrictions, and family moving out of town, I continued to lose my place to stay while I tried to finish high school. My sister helped me call PASS and the lady who answered the phone was so nice and sweet. When I was dropped off I got to meet Carmen who was kind, respectful and honest with me. Danielle is the Case Manager and she is so helpful, she is helping me in so many ways and her positivity makes me feel safe and happy. The shelter gives me a place to sleep, and somewhere I can shower, feel safe, work on goals and get support. I love it here, everyone is so nice and helpful. Thank you for supporting PASS, so they can help me.

Monica Guest Story

I just want to give thanks to PASS for giving my son and I a safe, warm, comfortable and nice place to stay when we were desperately in need. I truly appreciate everything that everyone does to keep this place going, it is a God send. God bless everyone, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ruth Guest Story