From Our Guests

I work for the shelter as an overnight advocate. Originally from Phoenix, I am happy about Prescott Area Shelter Services. I've worked in other shelters. PASS is beautiful, clean, organized, and well stocked with many items for the women and children. Case management helps so many women get back on their feet from circumstances that they found themselves in. The staff, volunteers AND guests are great to work with, and it's exciting to see changes in the guests from beginning to end. Our community is also great by providing meals, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other items for our guests. I give PASS five stars, because it's the best!

Marci Volunteer Testimonial

I have volunteered with this organization for two months now. I have worked with dozens of non-profits over the years and PASS exceeds all. This organization provides a beautiful, clean , structured environment for women & families in need.

I have never felt so educated and appreciated as a volunteer. The staff is friendly and they communicate excellently with volunteers and guests. I love to see how they encourage volunteers to treat guests with the utmost respect during this difficult time in their lives. PASS does their best to provide guests with sundries, clothing (if needed), nourishment, case management & a healthy environment to ease the difficult of their situation.

I would love to see PASS receive more support to continue what they do for women & families in Prescott.

Piper Volunteer Testimonial

I write this note to you with deep gratitude. From hopelessness these past several months of being homeless and floundering, I am now secure with a positive attitude that my life will get better and I will thrive again.

Seven years ago, I needed your help. With your help and guidance, I did well for six years. But, ife has a way of throwing curve balls and I made bad decisions. I am so thankful for this shelter, your support and kindness.

I am so thankful for the most giving people of Prescott, whose generosity of food, clothing and supplies and most importantly, their time, make this shelter the wonderful place it is today.

Jan E. Guest Story

I am writing this letter to thank you for the amazing opportunity you gave me by offering me a home when I did not have one. I drove here from Montana at the beginning of October to start a new life away from several casinos, tiggers and an unhealthy environment that made it impossible for a gambling addict to survive, let alone thrive. I came here with nothing but a van and some money from a retirement account. It wasn't much, but enough to at least start over.

I came into the shelter on a Wednesday afternoon. It just happened to be an open house that day so it was a wide open revolving door with several people touring and asking questions. I met with Meredith that day. I told her I was currently living in my van while looking for work. I knew I couldnt look for a place until I secured work first. Even in the middle of the open house with people in and out of the office, Meredith took the time to do a quick interview and assess my needs. I received a call less than 48 hours later and was accepted as a guest. I was so grateful to have a place to sleep while trying to establish myself in a new community. THe shelter was an absolute godsend and I am eternally grateful for the staff who took the time to meet with me and get me in so quickly. THe staff made sure I could continue my GA meetings while I was at the shelter and that was huge for me because I didn’t have access to meetings where I came from and desperately needed them.

I obtained work almost immediately. THe job required me to stay at a house three nights a week as a house manager. It is the exact type of work I wanted to do. Once again, the staff were amazing and worked with me and my schedule. When I met with Meredith last week I was hopeless. I had been looking for a place to live but the cost of living here is so high I didn’t think I could make it. The numbers just weren’t adding up. Meredith gave me a lot of positive feedback and really cheered me up that day. She gave me four resources for low income housing. Within two days of our meeting I secured a three bedroom apartment. I had to come up with the move in money and thankfully was able to do that with the help I received from PASS through their Homeless Transition Project.

PASS, the volunteers and staff have been such a blessing to me since I walked through the shelter doors. They have gone out of their way to meet me where I am, assess my needs and work diligently (with a smile the whole time) to help me achieve my goals. Their commitment has been a key element in helping me in this relocation process. To say I am eternally grateful wouldn’t even scratch the surface to describe how blessed I feel. While you might not know, the assistance I received through the shelter really did save my life! Thank you for your generosity, commitment, and hope you give not only to the homeless but also the hopeless!

Brandie Guest Story

When my children and I became homeless, it felt like everything was falling apart. PASS welcomed our family into their doors during our time of need and uncertainty. Their staff was compassionate and understanding which really helped ease our worries to get through such a rough time. We went from not knowing where we would eat, sleep, shower or do laundry, to going into PASS where my children felt safe and I could focus on getting back on our feet. In a few months we were lucky to be able to find a new place to call home and I was able to get a job. It has been 1.5 years since we left PASS and I am not sure where we would be without them! Thank you all for helping our family, it meant so much!

Tiffany Guest Story

I have never been homeless before. I’m 53 years old and one day I found myself on the streets in slippers and PJ’s, with my car keys but my car was broken down. I had no one to call, no glasses to see, and no drivers license on me to get anything done. I felt lost and alone. I ended up in the hospital and I started calling shelters, PASS called me back. They arranged to have someone pick me up and take me to the shelter, and I completed the intake paperwork and immediately felt safe. Katee gave me a tour and showed me the bed, what a sweetheart she is. Carmen is my case manager and I talk with her a lot, she helps me with finding options, and places to rent, she helps me with budgeting and saving money. Carmen is a true angel, a blessing for women who are in need, who are lost and have nowhere else to go. Carmen, and Katee push us and support us to take control of our own lives and work to be able to stand on our own. The volunteers are wonderful, I have met many kind women. They do so much for us, always offer good advice, they laugh with us, keep us in line, and support us.

I am lucky that I landed at PASS, they are number one and are truly helping me improve my life. We are also fed delicious meals almost every night from wonderful meal providers, this is so special and appreciated.

Thank you for all of your services, I don’t know what would have become of me  without you all. You all humble me and I will never be able to express in words how appreciative I am. Thank you!

Robin Guest Story

I must express my utmost love for this place, the directors, volunteers, donors and Board of Directors. You have all saved my life. You have shown me grace, kindness, mercy and an unselfish giving at a time when I so desperately needed it. The happiness, hope, sisterhood, and a sense of community that I have received since being here is nothing but incredible. I am overcome with awe and a deep, deep admiration for you all.

Bridget Guest Story

I really love staying at the shelter. This is a place for women in need and it truly helps women and their children stay off of the streets. All of the staff and volunteers are really nice and take care of us, help us find housing and whatever else we may need. They are a very caring and supportive staff. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of not only shelter, but a nurturing environment where you can reach your goals and find permanent housing.

Suzie F. Guest Story

Growing up we faced food and housing insecurities. I thought we were having fun living at different friends and family members homes throughout my childhood but I didn't realize it was because it was a need. By the time I graduated from high school I had gone to 17 different schools and so I have always been very passionate about having safe and secure housing for myself and my children. I was fortunate enough to obtain that through Habitat for Humanity, and see first hand how important community resources are for someone in need and what a lasting impact it can have. Then having my children go kindergarten through graduating in one school district was huge for me because I didn't have that consistency for myself growing up. When I had more time, and I could begin giving back I started volunteering at multiple non profits as a committee or Board Member. Then I became connected to PASS when the Board President approached me. I was very impressed by their mission and I wanted to be a part of it. It is a boots on the ground organization and I could help with an immediate need, to support the women and children and families, and help get them to that next step. I also wanted to lead my children by example, they know my passion for helping others. My family, neighbors, friends, and past experiences have all inspired me to help PASS and I plan to help for years to come.

Amore Board Member Story
It seems like my whole life has been backwards, I got married at 18 and had three kids, I got divorced, I worked three to four jobs to stay afloat, and when my kids were teenagers I went to college working three jobs to keep a roof over their heads but also work towards my goals. If it hadn't been for a wonderful mother, my kids and I would have been homeless because there were few resources for me, and what resources there were I didn't utilize because the culture I grew up in said not to do that. I put myself through college, graduate school, and law school all the while finding some kind of mechanism to give back to society. For many many years I taught at a community college wherever I lived, and when I came to Prescott I was ready to do something different and learned about PASS. I was invited to apply to be on the board of directors and the rest is history.

 I've always believed that if you've got more then you need, you need to give back and share. When you think about what PASS is about and what we do, you think about what more can you give to the community. You're helping those who don't have, can't do, don't know how, are overwhelmed by the system, you need to help. When you look at the belief system that I share with the other board members, that if you have been blessed and you have enough, you need to share and give in whatever manner it is that you have to give, you know where we are all coming from. For some people it's time, for some its money, it can be many things. So that's why I am still on the board, after seven years, and in the last five years my professional and personal life has thrown a lot of curve balls, but I continue to give, to lead by example and I think this is so important. In taking stalk of what I have and what I have been blessed with I believe that it is extremely important to acknowledge what you have and then give that back, not just to society but to people who can benefit from it the most.

Alex Board Member Story