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Third Party Events

Prescott Area Shelter Services has been the fortunate beneficiary of many community activities which raise funds to support the homeless women and families in our community.  We welcome individuals, partnerships, corporations, organizations or any other entity seeking to enter into a third-party fundraising agreement with PASS.

To ensure that volunteer fundraising events are enjoyable, successful, well-planned, and make the best use of our limited staff resources, we ask that you submit all relevant supporting documents for our consideration.  Upon acceptance of your proposal, you will be required to execute and be bound by the terms of The Third-Party Fundraising Agreement.

Proposals may be submitted in person or by mail.  We welcome your phone calls to clarify our requirements so that your application to conduct a third-party event to benefit PASS is in line with our Mission.

We thank you for your offer to support PASS and the people we serve and we are looking forward to working with you!