About Us

Prescott Area Shelter Services (PASS) provides temporary, emergency shelter to women and women with children in a 19 bed dormitory setting, and an additional two rooms built to serve mom's with children, including sons over 12 years old.

The shelter includes a community room with two rooms built above it, kitchen, four bathrooms and a conference room equipped with computers.

Shelter Guests may stay up to 90-Days with the opportunity to extend their stay if certain criteria are met. While at PASS, guests receive case management services and referral to valuable community resources. PASS is a Housing First program with over 88% of our guests transitioning into permanent housing!


To serve women, families, and veterans by providing temporary housing, resources, individualized case management, and a pathway to permanent housing.

2019 Financial Supporters

Thank you!

  • Allbright Family Foundation
  • Antelope Hills Men’s Golf Club
  • APS Electric Co
  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • Bank of America
  • BJH Designs
  • Charles Schwab
  • City of Prescott (CDBG)
  • Don Nierling Memorial Foundation
  • Findlay Automotive
  • First Congregational Church 
  • Goad Living Trust
  • Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist
  • Heights Church
  • Jack Ingebritson Foundation
  • JW Kieckhefer Foundation
  • Kiwanis Club
  • Mandalay Communities
  • Margaret T Morris Foundation
  • Prescott Community Church
  • Prescott Noon Lions Club
  • Prescott Noon Lions Foundation
  • Prescott Sunrise Lions Foundation
  • Prescott/Chino Valley United Methodist Church 
  • SanTan Brewing Company
  • The Ingebritson Family Foundation
  • The Vanguard Group
  • United Way of Yavapai County
  • Unity Church of Prescott
  • UNS Gas, Inc. 
  • Valley of the Sun United Way
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Winston Foundation
  • Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe
  • YRMC and Local Physicians


In June of 2007, one of the community conversations centered on the need for an emergency drop-in homeless shelter for women and women with children. In September 2007, ten social service organizations formed a collaboration to make this conversation a reality. The Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) became the fiscal agent, providing insurance, a non-profit status, and they hired a AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) to implement the project. By November 2007, collaboration was formed between the agencies, and the idea of opening a shelter became a reality. The open house was deemed successful; the shelter budget, $15,000, was raised in less than two months.

The Prescott Area Women's Shelter was first opened in December 2007 as a winter shelter, and was located in the basement of the Hillside Church of God. Within four months of opening, the shelter provided services to 39 women and 7 children and over 20 faith-based and civic organizations provided 238 meals for our guests. At that time the shelter was staffed by 66 dedicated volunteers who covered every position necessary at the shelter. Despite it's modest accommodations, the shelter volunteers were able to help guests find places to stay, and to apply for jobs and government subsidies. In March of 2008, the last month the winter shelter would be open, it became clear that the community needed a year-round shelter to accommodate the many homeless women and children in Yavapai and surrounding counties.

In April 2008, Youth Count took over as fiscal agent while the Prescott Area Women's Shelter moved into our current facility on 336 North Rush Street. Since July 2008, the shelter Board of Directors has been meeting monthly to continue to improve the shelter. The Prescott Area Women's Shelter is now named Prescott Area Shelter Services (PASS), a registered 501c3 organization.

PASS also managed the DAV Family Shelter from 2013 until the Fall of 2016 when it began transitioning into a much needed Day Resource Center for individuals who are homeless and supportive housing for veterans.  PASS is committed to continually partnering with agencies to work toward ending homelessness for all individuals.

In 2019 we started three new programs at PASS! One of them is the PASS Transitional Housing Program. This is a program for adults and adults with children who are transitioning out of the PASS shelter, or another local non-profit. It is a place for individuals who have worked with a program and non-profit, reached their goals, and are ready and can afford to move into a home but have met barriers because of rental history, personal history,  not having three times the income to qualify or more. This program includes two homes, one for families and one for women,  is a six-month, up to two year long program and will include weekly meetings with the PASS staff so that case management is continued and self-sufficiency is reached. Another program started is our Education to Employability Program. The program’s goal is to ensure that all guests develop the personal qualities, skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes that will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and work. Education to Employability assists guests with: 1) developing knowledge about the different career options available to them; 2) discovering what their skills and personal capabilities are; 3) recognizing the importance of choosing a fulfilling career; 4) realizing the importance of enjoying work; and 5) knowing they can make informed career or educational choices. This support provides guests with the confidence and competence to make informed decisions specifically about employment in our area or any place they would like to settle. We have started weekly classes and support that include 12 step support groups, a financial training series, yoga and more. The final new program of 2019 is a result of our Shelter Expansion Project which will add two studio rooms above our already existing community room, allowing us to serve at least eight more guests each night, specifically families with boys over 12 years old. Currently there are very limited beds for this type of family structure in our community. The additional housing will meet a critical need for our homeless population allowing youth to stay in a structured environment, attend school and participate in after-school programming. This expansion will result in a program to serve mom's with sons over 12 years old in our community.