Prescott Area Women's Shelter

Our shelter has worked to alleviate Yavapai County's growing need for an emergency shelter for homeless women and children.Homeless women and children are the most vulnerable in our community. PASS helps homeless women to gain the skills, resources and support to transition out of homelessness during their 90 days at the shelter. This happens through consistent case management, support programs, our volunteers and so much more.

Our Shelter provides the following services year-round: food, shelter, clothing, resources, and case management. Above all, we strive to ensure that every woman and child at the shelter feels safe and supported.

Our vision is to imagine a community without homelessness, and that is why we continue to create support programs for the guests at the shelter. One that will expand our services is the Shelter Expansion Project. This project will add two studio rooms above our already existing community room, allowing us to serve at least eight more guests each night, specifically families with boys over 12 years old. We currently serve women and children, with sons’ age capping at 12 years old. We want to expand our services so that we can assist sons over 12 years of age, filling a gap in the community. Now, these families have nowhere to go to get shelter with their mother in Yavapai County, so they either leave the area they know, or they stay in unsafe situations such as camping. Our expandedshelter would create a safe place for this homeless population, allow the children to stay in school and nurture the support system they already have in place. Additionally, they will be connected to our Case Manager who will assist them with goals, budgeting, health care support, as well as after school programming, camps, sports, plus more. This project will also add eight more beds to the shelter, allowing us to go from a 19 bed facility to a 27 bed facility, more individuals in need will be served as a result.

Shelter Facts

  • Since opening in February 2009, PASS has served over 2540 women and children, provided over 58,000 bed nights, and on average 1050 bed nights per year are utilized by the children we serve. AND Over 87% of our Shelter Guests transition into permanent housing.
  • PASS provides emergency services to homeless women and children, some of whom suffer from mental illness and are recovering from substance abuse.