Homeless Transition Program

The PASS Homeless Transition Project is based on the Housing First model, an approach that offers safe, permanent and affordable housing as quickly as possible.  The project is designed to provide matching rent and utility deposits for guests participating in structured partner programming, including financial, landlord/tenant and parenting classes.  The annual project goal is to assist 36 homeless adults, which includes families with children.  Adults enroll in the project each month, participate in case management delivered by PASS staff, and work with at least three community organizations while completing program requirements.  At the end of three months, if requirements have been met, PASS will match the funds saved by the guest, up to $1000 per family and $500 per individual, paid directly to their landlord.

Since project inception, in 2014, the PASS transition rate into permanent housing has increased significantly. It has proven beneficial for guests to know that their hard work will lead to assistance in moving into their own home, and it has allowed PASS to increase the number of guests served.