Raffle Items

Take a look at all of our 23 amazing raffle items!

They range from experiences to jewelry, to fun items and more! Purchase your raffle tickets today for a chance to win!

On the purchase form, you can choose if you want all of your tickets to go towards one item, or if you want your tickets to go to multiple raffle items.

The winners will be drawn on April 24, 2021, at our virtual tea event; you do not need to be present at the tea event to win!

Raffle Item #1: Phoenix Golf Day

Description: Raven Golf Club for 4 people, exp 4/2022, value is $360.00. Two $50 gift cards to the Cheesecake Factory. Total value=$460.00

Raffle Item #2: Phoenix Fun

Description: One family pass to Phoenix Botanical Garden, exp 10/2021, value is $90. Four bronze passes, and two VIP passes to Castles N Coasters, value $100. Eight Tickets to House of Comedy, value $256.40. Total value= $520.00

Raffle Item #3: Phoenix Outing

Description: One-hour group horseback for two guests at MacDonald’s Ranch, value of $96. Two admission tickets to the AZ Science Center, value of $40.  One bottle Bubbly Rose Galivant, value of $26. Total value = $162

Raffle Item #4: Northern Arizona Adventure

Description: Two nights at the Jerome Grand Hotel, value $500. Carload pass to Bearizona, value $120. Four passes to the Lowell Observatory, value $88. Two wine tastings to AZ Stronghold Winery, value $18. Total value= $726.00

Raffle Item #5: Shop Local

Description: $40 gift card to the French Hen. Four gifts cards, totaling $100, to Scarlett’s Curated Collection. Jewelry cleaner, and $100 gift card to Artful Eye. 14k Gold loop earrings from Raskins, value of $150. One bottle of Chevalier De Bayard, value $15. Total value= $415

Raffle Item #6: Doggie Delight

Description: Two days and two nights for two dogs at Safe Haven Dog Care, value of $100. Dog toys, dog bed, dog treats and dog brush, value $40. One bottle of Chevalier De Bayard, value of $15. Total value= $155

Raffle Item #7: Beauty Retreat

Description: Spa basket by Unk, value of $25. TD Nails gift certificate for $50. Shannon at Hair Station 105 gift card for $95. Two sets of Maria Nila Hair and Lotion, value of $50. Chevalier De Bayard, value of $15. Total value= $235

Raffle Item #8: Golf and Lunch

Description: Golf for four at Antelope Hills, with $50 gift card for lunch, value of $290. Two bottles of Chevalier De Bayard, value $30. Total value= $320

Raffle Item #9: Goods for the Guys

Description: TLC Sprinkler Repair, $90 service, and $100 gift card to Home Depot. Five $14 car wash certificates to Richie’s Carwash. One $50 gift card to Watters. True Value black and decker cordless hand vacuum. 49ers jersey #85, value $40. Hand carved wooden character, value $195. Total value= $615

Raffle Item #10: Local Night Out

Description: One night stay at the Hassayampa, value of $200. Two breakfasts gift certificate to Lone Spur Café, value $25. Tickets to Prescott Center for the Arts, value $60. I bottle Marion from Superstition Meadery. One $25 gift certificate to Farm Provisions. One bottle of Chevalier De Bayard, value of $15. Total value= $355

Raffle Item #11: Wine/Dinner/Movie

Description: Four Harkins movie passes, value of $42. Four $25 gift certificates to Los Pinos Mexican. One $15 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse. One $100 gift certificate to Carmella’s. Two bottles of wine from Scout Cellar, value of $46. Total value= $303

Raffle Item #12: Boys Delight

Description: Boys basket of kids toys and games, value $100. Boys tool set, value $20. 150 pc Lego classic set, value of $30. Total value=$150

Raffle Item #13: Girls Delight

Description: Girls basket of toys and games, value of $120. Talking baby gift set, value of $25. Quilt, wooden toys and kids’ dinnerware, value of $75. Total value= $220

Raffle Item # 14: Local Art

Description: Quilt, value of $75. Eco-print scarf, value of $95 and earrings value of $10. Hand painted silk scarf/shawl, value $90. Hand spun wool scarf, value of $80. Natalie Krol prints, value of $50. Margaret Atwood book of poems, and two carved bracelets, value of $49. Total value= $449

Raffle Item #15: Kitchen Décor

Description: Wooden bowl and wine stopper, value of $100. Art Farm Studio three-piece glass serving set, value of $75. Sprouts gift cards, value of $100. Value =$295

Raffle Item #16: Jewelry Galore

Description: Jewelry box, value $35. Three sets of jewelry, value $75. Total value $110

Raffle Item #17: Custom Jewelry Treasures

Description: Hand painted sterling silver ring, value $150. Antique sterling silver brooch, value $95. Sterling silver hoop earrings, value $ 65. Scentsy candle bowl and 2 sets of wax, value $46. Chevalier De Bayard, value of $15. Total value=$370

Raffle Item #18: Silver Jewelry Treasures

Description: Silver stud earrings, value $65. Dangly antique silver earrings, value $35. Antique rope hand cut beads, value $85. Impressioni Italiane, value of $15. Natural dusty cab 7x5 tanzanite pendant, value $285. Blue silk scarf, value $65. Total value= $550

Raffle Item #19: Antique Jewelry

Description: Bracelet, value $25. Lampwork necklace, value $125. Chevalier De Bayard, value of $15. Buddha, value of $35. Antique rope necklace, value of $85. Total value= $285

Raffle Item #20: Tasty Wine and Chocolate

Description: Basket of wine with 8 bottles, value of $100. Wine glasses, wine cups and serviettes, value $50. Chocolates, value of $20. Total value= $170

Raffle Item #21: Patriotic Day Fun

Description: Red, white and blue hanging wreath, value of $65. Hand knitted lap blanket, value of $25. Two bottles of wine, Chevalier De Bayard, value of $15 and Impressioni Italiane, value of $15. Total Value = $120

Raffle Item #22: Tea Time

Description: Violet tea set, value $45. Antique Christmas collector plates, value of $110. Stained glad window ornament, value of $10. Total Value=$165

Raffle Item #23: Baby Loom

Description: Schact baby wolf loom, 26 inch weaving width, 8 harness, 10 treadle, maple, value $2,535. Stoller, value $127. Wolf trap, value $62. Maple bench, value $394. Two side bags, value $50. Two extra reeds, 10 dent and 15 dent, value $170. Total value=$3,338.00